Sunday, October 10, 2010

Home for the weekend

So i went home for the weekend, a 3 hour drive if I go 80-90 mph . It was nice to be home you dont notice until you get home but its sooo nice being able to just hangout with your family and stuff.  so thats the reason i have posted for a bit hopefully more art stuff to come, got midterms soon so i might be studying a ton!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Screen printing

So I wanna do a real screen print project a real 10 print edition but i dont have too many ideas. I was thinking of doing a lightsaber on like 13 in x 5 in paper, no blade just the hilt. more of a cut paper style not too fancy, probably 3 colors a grey darker grey for depth and then a red for the button or something.
Also i was thinking of doing an iron man bust sort of thing, still big maybe 11x14 or something, again just 3 color blue for the eyes and arc then red and yellow probably blue in the background. also maybe a darth vader helmet. tell me your thoughts and/or give me any ideas you think would be cool to print.

Monday, October 4, 2010

eff school

So I missed an online quiz for school the other day, thought i was fucked, decided to email the teacher saying it cut me off half way through and that i needed another chance to take it. She replies back "your activity shows that you tried to take it after the end time" WTF!
Im all for more technology and shit but when the hell did it become so hard to lie about your school work, ive spent my whole life lying about how my printer jammed and the file was corrupted and all that bullshit now I get to this new college and I have to do real work. No thank you.

Sorry about the rant I was just flabbergasted when she sent me that.

I have an associates degree in Graphic Design, is that good enough, can I quit college now?

Saturday, October 2, 2010


My plans for today:
Just woke up
Get dressed and eat
go and screen print my project
eat dinner
hang with girlfriend
play guitar
go to sleep
and maybe try to fit some homework in there.

So I had a cool idea, In order to advertise my art more I wanna get a camera like the flip or ideally kodaks Zi8 and film everything I do while I'm making my prints and other stuff so that people can see the work that I put into making this stuff and then put that on youtube, link it to here and link from here to youtube and then put the stuff up for sale.
What do you guys think, would you be more inclined to buy a piece of art that you can see being made and see the work the artist put into it?

Thursday, September 30, 2010


So its raining like crazy today, which wouldn't be bad except for the fact that I had to walk to class and got absolutely soaked. I have a screen printing class that is really fun, when im not doing my project. Yesterday  I printed 10 prints of a 3x4 in green lantern pic and 5 3x4in superman shield prints. Ill be selling all of them for 3$ if any one wants one Ill put a pic up but its cropped differently there is a 2 in boarder around the edge. Ill probably do paypal only. just email me at

Also are there any artist out there, tell me what kind of art you do,maybe a link to some of your stuff.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So yea

I ve decided that I dont have enough to talk about with just mac stuff so im gonna start talking about my daily life in college.
So to start off, im in this class called gender in the visual arts, and its basically an art history feminism class which i didnt know until the class started. This class is brutal, for an hour this lady just stands up there and talks about how women have been discriminated against in the art world and shit, and I can appreciate that women were discriminated against, but when she starts comparing it to modern times it just doesnt make sense. I consider my girlfriend to be an exceptional artist, much better than myself in many ways. I dont consider her to be less than me in any artistic ways, we just have different strengths and weaknesses.
I may go more on this later but I think this is enough for now... what do you guys think, are women artist discriminated against today?

Sunday, September 26, 2010

To be honest

unless apple decided to majorly reduce the price of the rumored macbook air with an 11 in ish screen, why would someone buy it, it doesnt make any sense. I can see the cool factor though, it would basically be an ipad sized computer. honestly a dell mini 9 hackintosh sounds better than a netbook that cost more than 1000$ dollars. what do you think?
I  know everyone thinks the ipad is a waste of money but i think it would be awesome to have one. possibly just to use in class and or just chillen around the house. what do you guys think?


Why do people think that there is ever going to be a verizon ipad, therez no reason for it, just give in. I mean if you already have the money for an ipad than you shouldnt have a problem with playing 15 bucks a month


im so excited i already had  some people view my stuff and i havent even had time to put things on :-)


So this is my new blog. I will be talking about mac stuff and what ithink about it hope you enjoy!