Thursday, September 30, 2010


So its raining like crazy today, which wouldn't be bad except for the fact that I had to walk to class and got absolutely soaked. I have a screen printing class that is really fun, when im not doing my project. Yesterday  I printed 10 prints of a 3x4 in green lantern pic and 5 3x4in superman shield prints. Ill be selling all of them for 3$ if any one wants one Ill put a pic up but its cropped differently there is a 2 in boarder around the edge. Ill probably do paypal only. just email me at

Also are there any artist out there, tell me what kind of art you do,maybe a link to some of your stuff.


  1. I am an artist, I do graphic design. I will send you a link, but it has to me in a more private forum.

  2. I'm no artist but i wish i would be as creative as you :)
    keep on drawing