Saturday, October 2, 2010


My plans for today:
Just woke up
Get dressed and eat
go and screen print my project
eat dinner
hang with girlfriend
play guitar
go to sleep
and maybe try to fit some homework in there.

So I had a cool idea, In order to advertise my art more I wanna get a camera like the flip or ideally kodaks Zi8 and film everything I do while I'm making my prints and other stuff so that people can see the work that I put into making this stuff and then put that on youtube, link it to here and link from here to youtube and then put the stuff up for sale.
What do you guys think, would you be more inclined to buy a piece of art that you can see being made and see the work the artist put into it?


  1. Can you take pics of your screen prints? Also is there a way to contact you about the process and tools for screen printing? I am an artist also and have been looking for someone to ask this about.

    The youtube idea is excellent, and I would enjoy seeing it, both the process and advertisement. Please do.

    As having participated in galleries and books, as well as my girlfriend`s experience with such, fuck yes show the process.
    People who do not know a lot about art or the effort it takes do not know the value of such. The last gallery I went to with my girlfriend with was really a huge poser/hipster fest with people there just to party or hookup. There was this moment when my gf and I were looking at some incredible ink works that were small, and this one girl came up (drunk or high) and said the picture was good and all but thought the price was high. 45$ for an excellent work that was seriously undercut just to sell. So in summation, fuck yes show all the work you put into it.

    Much support to my artist kin.

  2. Quite a similar day myself so far

  3. imma finnish followin my fave blogs than play civ 5