Thursday, October 7, 2010

Screen printing

So I wanna do a real screen print project a real 10 print edition but i dont have too many ideas. I was thinking of doing a lightsaber on like 13 in x 5 in paper, no blade just the hilt. more of a cut paper style not too fancy, probably 3 colors a grey darker grey for depth and then a red for the button or something.
Also i was thinking of doing an iron man bust sort of thing, still big maybe 11x14 or something, again just 3 color blue for the eyes and arc then red and yellow probably blue in the background. also maybe a darth vader helmet. tell me your thoughts and/or give me any ideas you think would be cool to print.


  1. The iron man one sounded pretty awesome. You should post it up

  2. I like the Iron man idea personally. Post your finished product!

  3. A guitar maybe. That would look fly