Tuesday, September 28, 2010

So yea

I ve decided that I dont have enough to talk about with just mac stuff so im gonna start talking about my daily life in college.
So to start off, im in this class called gender in the visual arts, and its basically an art history feminism class which i didnt know until the class started. This class is brutal, for an hour this lady just stands up there and talks about how women have been discriminated against in the art world and shit, and I can appreciate that women were discriminated against, but when she starts comparing it to modern times it just doesnt make sense. I consider my girlfriend to be an exceptional artist, much better than myself in many ways. I dont consider her to be less than me in any artistic ways, we just have different strengths and weaknesses.
I may go more on this later but I think this is enough for now... what do you guys think, are women artist discriminated against today?


  1. I don't think women are discrimiated in art now, maybe in the past when EVERYTHING was male dominated, but things have chnaged and now it's a matter of are you good at it or not

  2. Well, if they start coming up with better ideas than putting a penis on a cross in terms of art, they won't be.

  3. :))) change the subject :))
    hope to finding some intresting:)

  4. I don't know much about visual art, but I think female musicians, especially for pop music are almost required to follow the "sex sells" idea.

  5. I think women in general are still discriminated against, not just in art.

  6. They can generally be discriminated against anywhere, I'm not sure how prevalent in the art industry though. I like your blog, you have good views.

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