Monday, October 4, 2010

eff school

So I missed an online quiz for school the other day, thought i was fucked, decided to email the teacher saying it cut me off half way through and that i needed another chance to take it. She replies back "your activity shows that you tried to take it after the end time" WTF!
Im all for more technology and shit but when the hell did it become so hard to lie about your school work, ive spent my whole life lying about how my printer jammed and the file was corrupted and all that bullshit now I get to this new college and I have to do real work. No thank you.

Sorry about the rant I was just flabbergasted when she sent me that.

I have an associates degree in Graphic Design, is that good enough, can I quit college now?


  1. Thats a shame, because I have had the same issue occur and usually when the teacher sees you put in effort they work with you. It all depends on the teacher unfortunately or fortunately at times. Shit, I have had teachers bend over backwards for other students too. Sorry to hear it man.